make your trip extra special with these smart tips

What to Pack for Disney World

what to pack for disneyClick here for a printable list of EVERYTHING you should pack for your entire trip, down to prescription medications and undies.

Keep reading if you can handle the basics on your own and just want to look for some great products to make your trip extra special!  These handy items will keep you from overspending, losing your stuff and having more fun all along the way. Look to your right for ordering options from Amazon.

Now Let’s Move On to Our Favorite Items to Bring Into the Park

It’s important to pack one backpack for the entire family. This communal backpack is good for everything you’ll need as a family (wristbands, IDs for the adults, and phones and charging equitpment).  Make sure this bag is large enough (recommendations here) but you’ll also want to make sure to bring: Tylenol, Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Hand Wipes,  a Small First Aid Kit and Some Small Snacks (something that won’t melt).  Also include sunglasses, ponchos and a bottle of water.  Disney says it doesn’t allow outside food or drinks, but they don’t enforce it.  Even if you are on the Disney Dining plan it’s still a good idea to bring a water or Gatorade so you don’t get dehydrated and who wants to waste one of their snacks on a water anyway?

I also like to pack some glow sticks for the evening shows because it can get pricey to buy the glow in the dark souvenirs at the park.  The first time we went to Disney we bought one and ended up not having room to take it home.  I realize Disney ships now, but still, that costs money too.

Phone/Wallet Holder

I love this phone waller holder.  It can be worn around the neck or by clipping it on to your belt.  It’s great for men, women, and children.  I especially like it for my kids because they won’t lose track of important or expensive (like cell phones) things.  Gives them a chance to be responsible without worrying that they left something important somewhere.

If you are on a budget, I recommend Googling “promotional items free sample” and you’ll find a lot of places that will send you a free sample of an around the neck wallet holder.  I did this one year when we had 6 kids going with us to save money.

Financial Independence for the Kids

The next thing I recommend for a Disney trip is a service called GreenLight.  It gives you the ability to give your children prepaid Visa cards that you can transfer money in OR out of at any time.  We used Greenlight on our last Disney vacation and rewarded our children spending more every time they were following our rules.  We also paid a dollar (on the spot) every time someone found a hidden Mickey.  Made it really fun.  This is free for the first 30 days (so you can use it just for your Disney trip) but we found it so useful we keep using it for $4.95 a month.

Don’t Waste Money on Bottled Water

The last thing anyone wants to do is to waste money (or Disney snack credits) on bottled water because they got dehydrated.  Consider bringing a collabsible water bottle with you in the family backpack.  It takes up very little room when collapsed and is very lightweight.  You can fill it up, drink it, and then collapse.

Just In Case it Rains

Don’t get caught in the rain unprepared.  Would be a shame to run a day at Disney.  Get a 10 pack for the whole family (they also sell in a 5 pack and a 20 pack depending on how many guests you travel with.

Play the Card Collecting Game “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom”

Included in your theme park ticket is a card collecting game called “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.”  You are given 1 pack of playing cards per person and can trade what you get throughout the quests you get as you play.  I love this small card collecting book just for the purpose of playing the game.