Vaping Can Save a Life


I started smoking cigarettes when I was a teenager. I’m 32 now. I tried many different things to quit. I tried gum, mints, patches, medication and nothing worked. I accepted that I would never be able to quit and I would die from smoking cigarettes. That was until I was introduced to vaping. I started out using a 12mg cotton candy flavored e juice. Along with many others Blue berry, cereal, fruits, and candies. The flavor alone was the key factor in helping me quit. It made it much more appealing to stick with it. I have been 100% cigarette free. I have also been able to lower my nicotine down to 3mg. Which I was unable To do with a cigarette. My health is better by 10 fold I breath better. I sleep better. I can taste my food. I don’t feel sick anymore. I’m able to hike, ride bikes play football baseball with my children. My chest don’t hurt when i wake up. If it wasn’t for vaping I would have died from smoking cigarettes. Vaping has given me the opportunity to live longer and enjoy my children.


I smoked Marlboro Reds for 45 years. I was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 50 but continued smoking for another 12 years. No one could convince me to quit for my health, what the heck I already had cancer. My adult son asked me to at least try vaping and I agreed. The day I started I never touched another cigarette and it’s been 7 years. My plan was to start with the highest level of nicotine available and then moved down each time I replaced my “juice”. I ended up with 0 nicotine and quit completely after that. I’ve been vape free now for 7+ years. It works. I loved smoking, literally. I realized that the hardest part of smoking addiction was the hand-to-mouth habit. I hope this helps people to at least give it a try.


I am not a smoker. The love of my life was. He smoked since he was of legal age until his 50’s. Since I have been with him, we have tried everything available to help him stop. Cold turkey, patches, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, ridiculously priced and horrible side effect prescription pills. You name it, we tried it for two decades. He even tried the cigalike vapes in 2011. Nothing worked. He gave vaping a try again in 2017 with a closed pod system (like Juul) and moved to an open pod system. The open pod system worked as he was able to pick his own flavors and nicotine levels. The first week on the closed pod system had him down to half a pack after being a pack and sometimes two packs daily. He dual used for about three weeks, still having no more than 3 traditional cigarettes a day. Then he put up his smokes and went 100% vape. A short time later, he lowered his nicotine levels. It’s the sweet fruit flavor that has helped him get this far. Off cigarettes and lower nicotine levels. He can’t even smoke anymore as it is repulsive to him. Our goal is to have him nicotine free by the end of the year and hopefully vape free too.

His doctor visits are stellar now. He feels better and is more active. He is in better health than he has been in years. The difference is noticeable and amazing.

I’ve converted my parents from smoking. They are older and prefer the closed pod system since it is much easier to use. They like the fruity flavors too.

Next up, I am buying starter open pod systems or an all in one device for each of my smoker friends. I am one non-smoker and I alone can get at least a dozen people smoke free with the numerous vape devices and flavors available today in 2018. I would not have been able to support anyone with out my helpful local vape shop either. They walked me through everything and genuinely wanted me to succeed in converting smokers. I visit them often and update them.

I am a non-smoker, non-vaper and know it can save lives.


I smoked a pack a day for almost 30 years. I loved cigarettes. Loved them! Everyone around me was trying to quit smoking. At work and home. One day I tried a puff of my mother in laws vape pen she was using while attempting to give up the butts. That was it for me! I started cutting down on cigarettes and reaching for the vape more and more. I found a couple good flavors that complimented my coffee (which I drink constantly). The next thing I knew, I didn’t even consider smoking a cigarette! It’s been 10 months since my last cigarette. Amazing! Now when I smell cigarettes, it’s nasty! I constantly apologize to my daughter for having smelled like butts all the time before. Consequently, my wife has quit smoking as well. Her story is similar to mine. We love vaping. Trying different juices, saving money, and feeling better. Not smelling like smashed ***hole is a plus too. Vape on my people.


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