The Greenlight Card

The best debit card for teaching your kids financial literacy.

Hey, check out Greenlight, the Smart Debit Card for Kids. I use it to help teach my kids how to be smart with money. There are options for getting paid for doing chores, making savings goals for various wants/needs and instant transfer to and from the parent’s account. It’s free for the first 30 days but, even better, sign up with my link below and we’ll both get $10!

Punch Holes and Attach Your Pennies

Awesome Elongated Penny Bracelet

I love the bracelet featured in this book.  However, the book didn’t help me find the products I needed to make it.  I’ve listed them here for you.



Vintage Bronze Key Rings Look Great with Pressed Pennies

Mini M&M Canisters are PERFECT for Storing Quarters