Stylish 1×1 Stacked Choker in Blue

This is a relatively simple build.  I couldn’t find any 1x1x2 bricks in an assortment of colors, so I designed this necklace with all 1x1x1s (just gluing them together to get the effect of 1x1x2s).  However, for a longer necklace this can be done in an assortment of colors with 1x1x3s.

2 x		4255413	BRICK 1X1 - Earth Blue
10 x		300523	BRICK 1X1 - Bright Blue
6 x		4179830	BRICK 1X1 - Medium Blue

In addition to the Lego bricks listed below you will need 5 2mm end springs, jewelry cord and krazy glue.

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