SEO in 2017

I started working with search engine optimization in 2008. The rules were much different back then. Google really wasn’t as smart as it is now. You could make a site rank high on Google by using your exact match key phrase on your site, within link tags, and on your off-site links.

Now all of that is frowned upon. Google sees those tactics as trying to scam the search engine game.

What Google wants now is high-quality content that is meant for humans (not search engine spiders). Off-site links are still very helpful, but not by using your key phrases.

Web Marketing Strategy in 2017

SEO that performs well in 2017 has three critical aspects that overlap.  First is marketing strategy.  This involves knowing your customer, and your prospective customer, where they live, why they like you and also knowing your marketing and sales goals.  If you dive in to learn about these things first, it will make the rest of your SEO practice much simpler.

The second aspect of SRO is keyword analysis.  This is where you take all of the information you gathered in your marketing strategy planning session and decide what your to key phrases (5 – 10) are.  They you’re going to run those key phrases through Google’s Keyword Planner a few times with a local focus (or national if your business is nationwide).  If you do this you can really pull out some great key phrases that are relevant to the people you are trying to reach.  There’s an art to it though.  You will be looking at searches per month, how competitive the key phrase is and also how much other companies are spending to reach the top result for a particular key phrase.  The larger priced key phrases often convert better (and you know this because other competitors are willing to pay a higher price for it).

The last area in 2017 New SEO is content creation.  People love content: videos, infographics, in-depth blog posts, ebooks, guest posts, webinars, potcasts and slideshares.  Good content reaches back to your marketing strategy and your keyword analysis to create richly designed editorial calendars that will weave all your content together on your website to be shared on social media platforms to build your audience and grow your organic search results.


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