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Personalized ABC Book – Pink Loopey

I have created a custom photo book that can be customized with your own photos.  I made it several years ago for my daughter when she was still learning the alphabet.  I would love to share it with you.  If you are tech savvy you can upload your own photos to a site called ArtsCow and make your own.  However, it is very cumbersome to set up (you have to use Internet Explorer and install a program called Silverlight).  I’ve considered trying to make a Shutterfly version, however; they don’t support placing pictures in shapes (like I’ve done here).

An alternative is to have me lay out your photos for you.  I am completely willing to do that if you can name each photo that you want to use the letter of the alphabet and the word that you want it to represent.  That is the only way I can keep my sanity doing this!    The price for doing this (and the cost of the book) is $35.  I mark up the price from what AtsCow by $15 to compensate me for my time.  It’s also an incentive for you to try it yourself.

I also have one other version of this book (different color scheme).  Check it out here.

cover of abc book

personalized abc book

d as in dandelion e as in electricity

custom alphabet book pages

customizable alphabet board book

make your own abc book

custom personalized abc book

personalize photo book of abcs

n as in

custom alphabet book pages

custom alphabet book pages

custom alphabet book pages

custom alphabet book pages

custom alphabet book pages