How to Filter Your Negative Reviews

The Importance of Review Management for Online Marketing

Small businesses get really excited when they start seeing positive reviews come in on Google+, Facebook, Yelp or Angie’s List. However, one negative review can cause lots of turmoil around the business and online. Let’s face it, the review game is rigged against business owners.  People are more likely to review someone when they are mad or HOPPING MAD.

That’s why it’s important to take charge of your online reputation and online review management.  You can very easily set up a system to collect reviews from customers after each visit or transaction.  You can set up a QR code and print it on your business cards or invoices, set up a tablet or kiosk inside your store or you can collect email addresses or cell phone numbers and send your customers invitations to review your services after the fact.

After you start asking for reviews as a part of your normal business process you’ll want to start automatically sending the negative ones to your email box, and the positive ones to Google+, Angie’s List, Facebook and Yelp.  This will help you handle angry customers behind the scenes as much as possible.

You might be thinking, “This is a great idea,” but be scratching your head as to how to set up a system like this.

By Bethany Kids has figured all this out for you.  We have a streamlined funnel to collect your customers’ positive and negative experiences.  The negative experiences are delivered to your email box for you to handle more discreetly.  The customers that have a positive experience are asked to leave a review at any of the social review sites that you specify from G+, to Houzz or Zillow (depending on what’s relevant for your small business).

Look at our pricing to see if our “Review Management” plan works for you.

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