How to collect pressed pennies at Disney World.

Disney Pressed Pennies

Maps to Find Disney Pressed Pennies

We LOVE collecting Disney’s elongated pressed pennies.  When we went we used these pocket guide map’s that show the locations of all the penny machines at each theme park throughout our last trip.  The kids were able to pick the ones they wanted to make and we were able to fit them into our time at the park.

But that’s just half the fun.  The rest of the fun starts after you’ve done the finding and hunting.

After You Find Them You Can Put them in a Book (like these)

Or… You Can Make Things with Them… Look what I Made (supplies to your right, instructions going down)

Generally, if you are going to make anything with your elongated pennies you’ll have to put holes on them.  They can easily become earrings, bracelets, necklaces or keyrings.  But first, you must punch some holes (which is actually a lot easier than you would think when you purchase a handly metal hole punch).

Punching Holes in Disney Pressed Pennies