How By Bethany Kids Works

By Bethany Kids is a non-profit run by a long-time web marketer named Shauna Conway.  She lives in Bethany, Oklahoma and is passionate about her work and about instilling 21st-century job skills in kids.  She believes in developing graphic design, web design, online advertising and paid search advertising skills in our youth as a way to get kids some real-world skills that will translate to jobs.  She also loves to support ‘kidpreneurs’ that have business ideas of their own.

By Bethany Kids allows Shauna the opportunity to serve local and nation-wide businesses with expert-level paid search services at a lower cost because the non-profit has children doing some of the work (tasks are assigned to different children that are at their skill level).  Often the work assigned to children is doing some online research, or repetitive tasks that are required for PPC advertising.

The Importance of Review Management for Online Marketing

Small businesses get really excited when they start seeing positive reviews come in on Google+, Facebook, Yelp or Angie’s List. However, one negative review can cause lots of turmoil around the business and online. Let’s face it, the review game is rigged against business owners.  People are more likely to review someone when they are ...

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SEO in 2017

I started working with search engine optimization in 2008. The rules were much different back then. Google really wasn’t as smart as it is now. You could make a site rank high on Google by using your exact match key phrase on your site, within link tags, and on your off-site links. Now all of ...

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